Our Mission

To empower the next generation of confident, resilient women in STEM through engaging mentorship and accessible education.

our history

As aspiring female engineers studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Stempower noticed the underperformance of girls in competitive math and science environments despite the girls’ natural interest and ability. By investigating causes ranging from the stereotype threat, to the fixed mindset and low self-efficacy, Stempower gained an understanding of the vicious cycle that women face when working towards their aspirations. Stempower found that women pursuing science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields encounter isolation caused by an absence of role models and support from peers.  This lack of representation makes younger women far less likely to view STEM as a possible career path – creating yet another crack in the pipeline for women scientists. That's why in 2015 we created Stempower.

build classroom


stempower's solution

Scientist don't just work in labs and engineers don't only build bridges. We show girls that you can help save lives, design cool applications, and much more using STEM.

Who said only men can be engineers? Not us. Our mentors are all female STEM college students, making them more relatable role models.

It's not about what you know - it's about what you can learn.  Stempower emphasizes growth mindset so girls can learn to overcome any difficult situation they face.

Questions are important.  Mistakes are valuable. Set smart goals. These are some of the things we teach girls so they are set up for success when they step inside the classroom.