Who We Are

Stempower Inc. offers science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education programs for young girls, boosting their confidence and fostering an interest in STEM.

Our Programs


Over a period of 4 months, Stempower connects groups of girls aged 8-12 with inspiring near-peer mentors from a local university.  Our mentors travel to meet with your school, organization or club every other week, working through hands-on activities in STEM.

Each meeting lasts ~90 minutes and begins with a lesson developing classroom confidence - a trait young women tend to lack.  We teach girls to be fearless, resilient, and active learners.  They'll hear stories of inspiring women in STEM who are defying stereotypes, all while learning the fundamentals of these fields. Stempower provides the curriculum, supplies, and mentors; your girls provide the brainpower!

Our mentoring program culminates with visiting the local university, where your group will explore the campus and laboratories, engage in exciting demonstrations, and receive a Stempower certificate as a memento of the program.

Currently to be eligible for Stempower mentoring program, you must enroll with a group of girls aged 8-12 and provide a meeting location within the Atlanta perimeter.

Weekend workshops

Starting this year, Stempower will provide weekend workshops for individuals to kickstart their interest in STEM. Girls can enroll in workshops that teach coding, circuits, and much more!